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Clubs,Meeting and Events

As the now Ex-service men return home the Bar-None Motorcycle Club spreads across the UK and the World.

Photographs from events attended by members of Altrincham Bar-None MCC supplied
by David Campbell

Photos taken at the last Scramble to be held at

Booth Bank Millington Cheshire in September 1959 by the then Secretary Ken Morris.

The rider is Jim Stevenson,the bike is an Ariel HT5 , this would you believe was Jim’s everyday form of transport, note the tax disc, number plate and speedometer

This 60 minute film has been produced from a series of 8mm cine films created in the 1960s by Mike Cliff at Motorcycles and Mountain Grass Track event organized by the Altrincham Bar None Motorcycle Club and the last of the Chester Motorcycle Club’s infamous Picton trials.

Photography by Mike Cliff

Narrative by Jim Stevenson

Town Pit Farm Higher Whitley Cheshire

Result for grass track meetings hosted by the Bar None Club taken from Grass Track GB website