Replica Bikes

W.W.2 Motorcycles re-built as Bar-None Motorcycles.

Matchless WD-G3/L

1943 Matchless 350cc based machine first built in 2008 from parts stock as a Bar-None replica , rebuilt again as better parts were sourced and problems sorted . The bike is road registered and used for green laneing.

Owned by Paul

Royal Enfield WD/CO-B

 Engine is 1942/43 and the frame is 1944

Restored as tribute to the Bar-None Motorcycle Club by the owner in 2016


Matchless WD-G3/L

Stripped down 1942 350cc Matchless purchased in the early 90’s

Built between 2008-9 and ridden at the Red Marley Hill Climb since 2010

Owned by Sean


Royal Enfield WD/CO-B

Found by the owner Graham at an auto jumble ,he’s not sure if it’s an original forces racing machine but it has definitely been used by someone as a racer many years ago. The bike started life as a side valve model C and was later fitted with the overhead valve model CO engine and both of 350cc. For the full story see the original article these pictures were taken form by Odgie Hims in Real Classic Magazine August 2019.

Link to Real Classic Magazine

B.S.A. WD/M20

Photographed by Chas at Temple At War Show Essex May 2023